My Bank Holiday Tea Party


This summer I came down with a heavy case of the Urge-to-host-somethings, which was brought on suddenly three or four weeks ago due to a couple of underlying conditions, namely: my recent return from America, which had given rise to both a greater appreciation for Bank Holidays and the impulse to do something quite ‘British’; and boredom (it’s been a pretty long summer). I chose peach/orange and green for the colours as they kind of matched the living room, and we had about twenty people over. Everything made by Yours Truly unless otherwise stated. Anyway, here’s what I got up to:


20130811_150620 20130811_150142 20130811_150315


Arranged by my very own mother

20130826_183000 20130826_183016 20130826_183518 20130826_183821

Other decor


The lovely idea for this menu came from another Emily at Design and Nonsense


You can see that pretty little bookish thing up close here


Personalised tea-stirrers!



We had some catering help from a lovely little lady based in Oulton Broad, Suffolk

1185216_10151654893892725_1318257569_n 1240028_10151654893802725_516237695_n

What I wore

1233608_10151654894702725_1763498483_n 20130826_185009

Dress: Miss Selfridge in House of Fraser (sale)

Shoes: Debenhams (sale)

And since you made it this far, some adorable shots of our kitten, Giles

562297_10151654895077725_1893372777_n 1175186_10151654894647725_1712250326_n

Some of the photography is mine but the nice stuff is Hannah Betts’ Photography based in Lowestoft, Suffolk.


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